… don’t I?

Been 2 weeks now with my biking to Worksop for the track record is slightly better than half.

First week I couldn’t because of snow and rain on the Monday.  And then for some reason I couldn’t on the Friday (can’t remember why right now though).

Second week was only a four day week, and I couldn’t bike on Wednesday because of the  After Business.

So that makes it 6/9.  66%  My goal is to stay above half, and maybe if I could get to 75%.

Reason I was thinking about this as it snowed again this morning, which should throw off my ability to bike tomorrow, but it looks as though it is warming up (there was sun when I started to write this, but raining now). Anyhow, I am hoping that the weather will play a role in whether I bike this season, but hopefully a small role.