So after a full week (I love weeks I can bike every day to work, great for the ratio) of work (very busy) a band executive meeting, and some home fixing issues I am so glad that our weekend is working out in our favour.

We’ve been wanting to get away for sometime and with the Day out with Thomas option it worked out with Mandy’s days off to get to get away.

Only problem was that Duluth is notorious for no vacancy. We were able to get her employee rate for Sunday night (meaning it will cost me a vacation day, but worth it). So the plan was to go Sunday for Thomas and then drive home Monday.

But as luck would have it, turns out the boss had to cancel his reservation at black bear so we were able to snag the Saturday night there. It’s close to Duluth, which means we can take our time driving to Duluth on the Saturday, sleep over to hit up Thomas and then we can sleep in Duluth and leisurely drive home.

Makes for a relaxing time. Which is what these trips are all about… Well really its about having to get Dean to have a great time. He LOVED it last year. I’ve got to remember to take a lot of photos this time.