So, got my tablet… Again
it’s sitting I am my lap as I type this out

I love it, just not the best to type in (will probably be full of errors). I’m using SwiftKey… Which is good, but the size is a little awkward to do a full keyboard style typing, so this split thumb typing idea is sorta working… Having to relearn a bit… Thankfully SwiftKey is really good at predicting the words.

So, I’ve got it, and I wanted to wait a few days before I started to talk about it, just in case of the same issues I had last time. So far none… Except for a bum microsd card and some extension usb cables that won’t allow it to charge.

I bought the asus again as it just seemed the best buy. The xoom was expensive and was seemingly never to be updated (asus has already said 3.2 is around the corner), and not being able to charge over usb seemed archaic, especially so, on the sleek tab.

Plus you know me I’m afraid gadget guy, so the more jacks and peripherals availble to the asus was the way to go (the keyboard doesn’t draw power away from the tablet, it doubles the battery!!!)

When I picked it up, the associate wouldn’t let me open the unit to check for defects… Which concerned me. So I made an unboxing video as my proof in case I needed it. Luckily, unnecessary.

So far, so good. I love this unit. Loving honeycomb as well. There are some drawbacks, like no official skype sign video set or official facebook all (so I’m using with different paps to get all the features). All this however is livable.

What would be neat is to allow the gmail “call” feature enabled in here, but you can’t have everything (and netflix incoming shortly).

My biggest concern of it not being able to play native divx files seems to be unnecessary as its worked with everything thus far.

I’m debating a screen protector as this thing is an oil magnet… But if hate to sacrifice the sensitivity. On my phone there was no change, but on Mandy’s it’s really noticeable.

Well, all this typing on here is taking way too long, but it’s getting easier as I do it, so I’ll end this entry here.

Fyi – 79.7%