Yay, I avoided the apparent storm we were possibly going to get.  And it was a great bike home – not only did I find it a nice easy ride (was able to climb to the top of the gears), but I now fit the new riding underwear I bought.  I bought ones that were at one point uncomfortably tight (couldn’t read the size when I bought them), but I put them on today and they were just fine.  Maybe this is working!  29/38 = 76%

Anyways – we’ve started our busy season for the pipe band.  We had 2 parades this past week (Westgate and then Hammarskjold graduations).  I was pleasantly surprised by how well we played.  Okay, not ‘surprised’, but we really didn’t have any issues (besides tardiness… and the fact that I forgot both belts on the first day => punch myself in the throat).   But on the 2nd day we sounded even better.  Pleased to no end.

Definitely my reed needs to be changed, gotta step up the ‘transfer’ process.  Few more gigs to do, so I’ll get through those first before switching.

We have the Shelter House Relay tomorrow morning, and then there’s the Library’s ribbon cutting, another grad, Relay For Life, then several out of town parades.  Gonna get some good TLC time with my pipes – which I’m loving after playing them so much for that competition (which I’ll hopefully have the results for by Monday).