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So, I survived — gotta make up a t-shirt for that somehow.  The kicker is at the end the discussion was centred on “when should we do this again”… sometimes you need a cooling off period before you give constructive criticism.

I’ll give you all the play by play:

Day -1 – Just a meet and greet

I thought that I’d go and pop on by and visit the old homestead on Wednesday night.  Charm and the kids had been there for a few days, and I hadn’t visited yet – and Nolan and Tiff had just got in.  So might as well get some face time in before the big event.

It was nice and relaxed – the kids all running around like crazy – shades of things to come.  All until Tucker, Nolan’s dog, had decided to escape.  So that was about an hour trying to locate him.  Never run in sandals.  That’s what I learned.

Other than that it was time to take Dean on home as I had a busy day at the Golf Tournament and Mandy was making the cake.  Dean wanted to go back by the time we got him home, but we assured him they’d be all asleep [we just wanted to go home] – he wanted to double check by calling.

Day 1 – Chippewa

I started out the day with a lot of sun and fun on the golf course.  I’m no golfer, just staffing the putting challenge.  It was a lot of fun actually – we raised $350 for the high school chamber scholarship fund, and there was even a playout for the winner.  But this entry isn’t about work.

So I get to Chippewa and I start looking for family.  I see some and ask where are we supposed to go — I’m told cabin 3… I pray that it isn’t one of the old ones.  Thankfully it wasn’t.  So I go in and I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED.  They’ve really made a nice cabin there at Chippewa.  Properly stained and smoothed hardwood floors… a semi room with 2 beds, a table including a fridge and microwave — there’s even a heater!  And a deck with a picnic table.  We were pleasantly impressed.

It was hard to determine what to pack as it’s not really ‘camping’ as I figured… but I still had more than enough for what we needed.

We all hung around the main campground area while we used the kitchen facilities to have a mini-buffet.  Then we went and had our ‘talent show’ around the campfire.  It was sometime around then that I accidentally locked my keys in the cabin.  Grrgh… Steve showed us how it wasn’t necessarily hard to be able to get in and retrieve them.

Adam eventually made it after having his mega drive [first from Seattle to Calgary, then on to Thunder Bay].

So a good night to start out.  The chaos of the kids wasn’t too bad as we’re outside and have a large area to allow them to roam.

Day 2 – Victoria Inn

So, we start the morning off with an early breakfast… such healthy options as persians, and fruit rollups and some assorted cereals.  As with normal in our family we all wanted to overplan the next steps, when really we should just relax.

I started out the day horribly as I had such terrible leg pains from standing around all day in sandals, and this cold / allergy thing I picked up on the trip still weren’t letting me sleep.  I got to watch the sun rise it was so horrible.  And the one time I did fall asleep, Mandy woke me up as she thought Dean was walking around crying [we had to make sure we closed and locked and propped the doors from being open].  Ah fun.

So, while everybody wanted to go and do things I just wanted to sleep.  Mandy wanted to work on the cake some more, so that afforded me the opportunity to catch up on some sleep.  Meanwhile the family took Dean to River Rat Rentals to do some tubing.  I literally crashed from 11 – 4 without even blinking.

Then we checked into the hotel.  Kinda weird to go to a hotel like 5 minutes from home.  But Victoria Inn has a wicked pool area.  A quick dip with Dean for a while and it was time to go and reunite with some family.  Auntie Heather and Uncle Richard were there as well as Randy and Aunt Vi, and the surprise visit was from Aunt Linda and her daughter Roxanne, who I hadn’t seen in… like… years.  So a nice little dinner and just general hanging out.

Mandy got to unveil her cake [after receiving much praise from not only family, but hotel staff — we even left it for them as a tip].  A little more swimming after that and then it was time for bed.  A very active day so it was easy to have Dean go down.

Day 3 – Hoito and a Bridge

I knew this day was going to be ‘good’ judging from the way dad wanted to discuss about going to the Hoito for breakfast.  He wanted to book ahead.  Oi.  So there we were — 17 strong trying to find a way to have a nice brunch.  Have I mentioned the chaos that is 6 kid, most under the age 10?  Yeah, it was getting to a point… reminded me I’m happy with just 1.

After we were through with the Hoito [or v.v.], we braved going out to Eagle Canyon for the suspension bridge.  I’d never been, so it promised to be interesting.  They said it was a ‘good hike’ to get to the first bridge — it wasn’t.  What was challenging was trying to corral all the kids and the overplanning.

I was surprised Mandy had no problem with crossing the bridge.  Turns out she figured out her fear — it’s a fear of “falling” – so in an environment where it’s literally not a problem, there’s no fear.  Nolan however, didn’t fare as well.  I felt bad that everybody was kinda making fun of him about it – I know what it’s like with some members of this family – they just like to poke the wound.  I’ll admit I wasn’t quite ready for that bridge – my tolerance for ‘thrills’ has come down some.  Not that I was ‘scared’, but it wasn’t as easy a cake walk as you think.  Especially when you throw in kids into the mix running around – you just want to hold their hands and make sure they’re safe.

Then it was time to head down the trail – which we found blueberries and raspberries and the kids enjoyed.  We watched a few zipliners, and I would have wanted to, but just couldn’t justify the $60 to do so (essentially you’d be paying a $1 per second).

After that adventure [we left before anybody else as Charm and Steve lagged behind and took almost an hour to come back — we just couldn’t wait] we went back to the hotel and relaxed as we ordered pizza by the deck of the pool.  Not to get judgmental or upset but Charm and Steve kinda disappeared again leaving the kids kinda unsupervised — well not unsupervised as we got to watch them.  And Mandy had to go and deal with the 2nd cake fiasco so that left me with Dean, Cayley and Sarah [Ian, Kait and Amanda are kinda okay on their own… but still].  Luckily dad stepped in for a bit and Adam did as well.

What was nice was once the kids were ready for bed, we shipped them all to one room to watch movies while the adults went for a nice dessert in Chicago Joe’s.

Day 4 – 1/2 Day Church

So, as a special treat I went to church.  It’s been a long time since I’d gone.  But it was part of the festivities so why not.  I went for the first part and Dean was okay [so long as he played “bird game”].  Then I went home to help clean up some of the house and get ready for the rest of the day as I was then informed that the day was turning into not just church and the baptism, but a dinner then a party.

2 o’clock was Kaitlin’s baptism, so I got back with Dean in time for that and then rushed back home to help out with the door [we got a new screen door], the cake, etc… to make it back for 530pm for the Moore dinner.

The dinner was mom’s lasagna – soo good.  And I’ll admit it was nicer than trying to cram everybody at home for a dinner however much I complained about going to and from the church for the 3rd time that day.

After dinner we had the ‘open house’ anniversary party – and the jewel of the crown was the amazing cake that Dagwoods made.  Despite what everybody thinking that Mandy did it.  Many church members as well as a couple relatives came out.  Very informal affair as we all just sat around with some appies and punch then let the happy couple cut the cake.  40 years guys… amazing feat, especially in this day and age.

Oh, and I got to be the ‘photographer’ for a while.  Charm really wanted to have a family photo taken and asked me to look up photographers.  I knew I couldn’t bring a professional in, not just because of the cost, but really the day wasn’t going to be cut and dry for timelines, so I wasn’t about to put somebody through that… so I just said I could do it.  I thought I did a good job.  It was fun, posing everybody and then doing just some couples/family shots.  Reminded me I like photography, but I still don’t think I could do it for a living [not just because of a lack of a talent, but I’m not a ‘demanding type’ of person to really pose].

In the end poor folks like my parents and Charm’s family were there at church from 10am [10:30 in Charm’s case] until almost 11pm after we had all cleaned up and everything.

So, I survived — so when’s the next?  Discussion is probably 2 years [however we were thinking of going to Disney for around Dean’s 5th as a Knauff Family Trip].  And also people suggested having it in Calgary or Utah… my argument is, and always will be, that Thunder Bay is HOME.  Regardless how siblings have moved away, this is still what formed us into what we are and we should celebrate that.

So you know how those 4 day weeks tend to be the busiest? Well the last email day week I had was all that much more jam packed.

It really wasn’t that bad, just the sense that I had already missed a day and knowing I’d be missing Friday… And to top it off Thursday was our golf tournament, so that’s almost a write off… And Wednesday was the full day of our focus groups.

Each day was really packed and was really positive. So I’m not complaining.

What the topper is that the weekend entails our first ever “Moore family reunion”. That is a bit of a mixed bag. Could be a good thing, could be a stressful thing…. (I’m writing this pretty much halfway through the weekend, and it’s been a bit of both thus far). That will be a blog post unto itself.