When I left work on Friday I called Mandy for reassurance.

Most weekends have been eaten up by something, so when I couldn’t remember what it was we were supposed to be doing. She couldn’t remember anything either.

When I got home we had our answer. Our roofers would be there in the morning. I almost forgot why we were saving some money over the summer. I even forgot they were coming,they were supposed to come at the end of the summer; I guess I forgot that it was the end of the summer.

They were pretty good at the job. They got here at 10 and were done by like 4.  Definitely why I thought we should hire out for that work.

Now it’s Labour Day, and I’m working myself.  Something like 10.5 chores dome today (see my list).

That’s the true meaning of labour day right? Funny story, talking about about labour and the worker’s movement — fund out the origin of the term “luddite” (which the term came up in conversation with Robin over congratulating him over getting hired).

Apparently luddites were a form of saboteurs who opposed the advancement of the industrial revolution. They didn’t just new technology them they would destroy it!

79/94 is 84%!!!