Okay, that depressed me – I’ve dipped below 80% officially.

Ouch.  Next week I know I can’t do 3 days [so that’ll make it 96/125]

Anyways… needing to regroup.  Holy smokes.

Chris left us for Iglusiak.  Steve dropped a bomb on us and is moving to Barrie.

2 solid people that will be missed from band.  That in itself should be enough to give pause.

But I’m starting to be overwhelmed.  And not just because I’m still suffering from the Thanksgiving Day celebrations where I ‘gobbled ’till I wobbled’ [as a good friend put it].

The week for work has been steadily increasing in work to get done.  Just as I was getting content that several of them were finishing up, more are around the corner.

Back to the band, we have 14 new students.  Some more active than others, but in all I had 12 last night.  Thankfully Pete and Al are in and helping, and so is Eric.  Just don’t want to juggle too many things.  And several of the students show real promise, so hopefully in another year I won’t be too upset about the leavings of a member.

On that note, good to see a new face at the Bayfield trip – Wyeth has started to come out.

What else?

Teaching – well, didn’t get that job.  Got some good feedback – will have to go and rethink on some of it.

The next online piping competition has been announced.  I’m kinda stoked as I’m starting to learn a couple piobaireachds, and I’m really excited to get playing more.  Plus I was just asked to play with somebody as another stretch of my playing ability.  Thanks for the recommendation Pierre.

It’s that time of year where we start planning what will our winter be like [in the old days you had to store everything up properly – don’t do it right and you starved by January].  So, I’ve been given some thoughts to where to go from here.  Not that this is a ‘junction’ by any means, but I really have to think about long term implications and the actions done today and how they have ramifications on that.

Nothing is as straightforward as it used to be.  I guess that’s what being ‘grown up’ is all about.  I’m not lamenting, if anything I’m excited by a lot of what’s out there and possibilities and potentials.

[neat point of interest – this is the first post I’ve done via the Blogger… I may just switch from WP]