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Freaky ride yesterday [85/104]

So, I know I’ve had one accident this past year on my bike.  But yesterday I experienced another.  No, I didn’t have an accident, but it felt like it.

I was biking a different route as I had to stop by the in-laws.  And on the way back along James [going South, on the East side] I passed another biker.  I moved onto the grass, and he moved closer to the house’s side of the pavement.

After we had passed I heard some noise (see, my headphones don’t block out sound) and I looked back and he had gone into the bushes just a bit and had fallen over.

Now I knew I didn’t do anything to cause that, he clearly did it after we had passed, and I did give him ample room.  But somebody falling is nasty, so I stopped and ran over to him.  Hey, I am first-aid certified you know.

He assured me he was fine; but it was still spooky as he was just laying there for the less than minute it took me to stop and run over.

I couldn’t tell if he was shaken or really hurt, but his demeanour was just odd.  He could have been just embarassed, or pissed off at me… and that part of me wanted to say “hey, this wasn’t my fault you know”.  But I wanted to ensure he was alright.  I offered like 5x to call an ambulance and asked if he was okay.

Just weird.

On other fronts… not much new.  Been uber stressful at work lately with newsletters and deadlines and events and shows…

Band did really well at the Miles with the Giant.  I was extremely proud of Mandy going in the 10K walk… more than I did.  The band also sounded awesome at the Scottish Rite.

The Band calendar is coming along, Jarron’s working hard to put it together and get some funky shots.  Will look amazing I bet.

Can’t think of much else… knew I had to write today, as I hadn’t all last week.  That bugs me… but it’s a sign of how busy I’ve been [tell my jaw to relax somebody, it’s giving me headaches].

Oh man I ache

Oh man do I ever. This is a tale of an out of shape dude with a hectic schedule and an attempt to get healthier.

So it’s not secret that I’m out if shape. Officially I’m about 40 lbs away from my ideal bmi, but really 20 from where I used to feel “in shape”. The last time I really felt great was when I was biking to work, so I figured with my new job (did I blog that I had a new job get?) being so much closer to home that it was time I bought a bike.

Sure I had a bike already. I had lent it to a friend for their riding, as I wasn’t using it, but the last time I took it into get some tune up the store owner suggested it might be cheaper to throw it away.

Anyhow, I was determined to get a new one. I went to one shop and although I was sticker-shocked I still wanted to see what was available. Nobody came out to see what it was in was looking for. Eventually somebody came out from the back, but even still waiting nothing to me. No sale for you.

Undaunted, I did another Internet search and found that another shop nearby actually had some decently priced rides; so I motored on down to the shop and we chatted and he put one on reserve for next to test ride the next day. Great customer service! And a great price (always like it when a store understands your budget and doesn’t scoff at it).

So I go to great bike. The next day I timed my ride to work. 18 minutes. I planned out the morning and was really ready. But it rained. So I decided to wait.

Here I is Thursday and I’ve ridden 3 day in the row now. Feeling beat. Exhausted… generally tired. I knew it’d be a while before I would be into it, but today it was like -5C when I met the house. You can really feel that temperature difference.

By playing at band tonight felt great. However,  sweated like to dog. But not looking forward to biking tomorrow (forecast of -8C). I may drive. But hey 3/5 ain’t back for the first week.