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Another sick weekend [90/112]

Didn’t I just post about this?  Yeah… I also meant to post mid-week, but that never happened, so it seems like it just happened.

Anyways, yeah – went all week and was pretty ok.  No problems.  Then Friday night I started to have ‘sniffles’ and then it was a real runny nose.

Mandy, you’re awesome, for not killing me – she was quite the trooper and took care of Dean the entire weekend while I just convalesced in bed.  Seriously – I was in bed all weekend, until around Sunday 3pm when she went to work.

Jarron had another photoshoot Sunday night – when these calendars come out I think y’all will be quite impressed.  And you better buy one!!

Sick Weekend [86/107]

So, last week and the one prior have been pretty hectic.  Like an ungodly amount.  Hopefully as the major events are out of the way it can slow down to a normal pace now.

The day after the Prosperity Northwest event I had gone to a meeting and I could feel my body losing a battle.  I had been staving off this cold for some time and now was its time for revenge.  Oi.

I went home Thursday afternoon around 1… slept until almost 6.  Went to pipes for about an hour [was a real shame turning back in those Lawries] and then came home and slept until the next day.

Friday I woke up around 11am.  Puttered for an hour or so, then went back to sleep.  Woke up at 3, up for a few hours and then back into bed.

I followed this pattern for some time.  I was really out of it.  Not flu like, just cold.  I get these wicked sinus blockages and then that makes me grind my teeth and stuff so my temples get sore and then I get major headaches.  So it was just hard to concentrate on anything.

My turn of luck was on Saturday when I got to play with the new Gingerbread features on my phone.  Something cool.

Oh, and playing with Dean.  It’s always fun to play with him – despite how he says I’m the ‘bad dad’ and I’m “bossy” and “throw [him] on the bed”.  But we had a great time.  Especially Sunday.  Just some precious lines as always.

Back at work today… biked and man it’s getting cold.  Not sure if that really helps or not.  Gotta start getting some mitts for the morning [and it gets depressing watching my percentage slowly slip downwards].  I’m still a little ‘overwhelmed’ at the office here, but I’m doing ok, taking things in bite size portions.  Mainly trying to go through the backlog of emails etc… I have so MANY different things to do at the office that it’s easy to get lost in it all.  With a head cold lingering it’s not exactly making things easier.  One bit at a time.

So this week started off cold.  Man it was cold. Not freezing, but frigid.  It was 4°C when I biked to work – and that was a bit hard on the hands.  Luckily it would warm up throughout the day and I’d be fine going home.

Let’s recount what happened this week:

Work?  Not much – busy as all can be with the Newsletters combining into one big massive headache [which culminated in me leaving early Thursday].  We announced the NOVAs.  Not much else, at least nothing that I should really say.

Home? We steam cleaned… that’s not fun.  Means having to move EVERYTHING and if you know me, I’m nothing but wires and connectivity… plus my little bit of OCD gets all in a flitter if I have to move things about.

Band? started back up this week with our Open House.  I was able to get on ShawTV and CBC Radio for an interview for it.  That was neat.  Plus the CJ came by for a photo shoot.  Things are a-movin’.

It’s been a pretty hectic week, despite how I’ve written very little.  I guess that’s a sign of the busy-ness.  I’ve even wrote less this week for the blog than I usually do [ blog that is].

Really starting to wonder how much longer I’ll be able to keep up the biking — tho’ today was amazingly warm – just gets chilly in the morning.  Plus as my schedule heats up I’ll have more out of office stuff to get to, so less opportunity to bike.  At least I got a high of 84% before the day I missed this week.

Labouring on Labour Day [79/94]


When I left work on Friday I called Mandy for reassurance.

Most weekends have been eaten up by something, so when I couldn’t remember what it was we were supposed to be doing. She couldn’t remember anything either.

When I got home we had our answer. Our roofers would be there in the morning. I almost forgot why we were saving some money over the summer. I even forgot they were coming,they were supposed to come at the end of the summer; I guess I forgot that it was the end of the summer.

They were pretty good at the job. They got here at 10 and were done by like 4.  Definitely why I thought we should hire out for that work.

Now it’s Labour Day, and I’m working myself.  Something like 10.5 chores dome today (see my list).

That’s the true meaning of labour day right? Funny story, talking about about labour and the worker’s movement — fund out the origin of the term “luddite” (which the term came up in conversation with Robin over congratulating him over getting hired).

Apparently luddites were a form of saboteurs who opposed the advancement of the industrial revolution. They didn’t just new technology them they would destroy it!

79/94 is 84%!!!

Thanks Shaw [62/77]

So chalk this up in the book of awesome.

We’ve had our Shaw PVR since they first came out.  It’s revolutionized the way I watch TV (what little of it I still watch these days).  I wouldn’t go back to regular watching.  So it was disheartening when it started to act up.  Urgh… I remembered that it was out of warranty as when I went into get a replacement remote one day they said that I’d be still just under the warranty and better get it replaced soon.

Then I remembered the big fight I had back when … I won’t get into it, essentially it was that I was told I could ‘trade up’ down the road, and when I wanted to, they said no.

So, I was distraught… what to do?  Buy a new one?  They were expensive?  Go without a PVR?  I’d rather go without cable…

Mandy kept saying it’s under a ‘new warranty’ as we got the Shaw phone, but that sounded kinda ludicrous.

Anyhow, one day we received a notice that we should upgrade our old terminal (we got it for free from Greg when he upgraded).  The letter said bring your old in and we’ll give you a new one.  Bonus!  So one new terminal for free!  While there, Mandy inquired about the problems with the downstairs PVR.  They made an appointment and when the time came, the tech came in and looked at it… scratched his head and just went and got us a new one.  And it’s a MOTOROLA again too.

So 2 new terminals now.  Yay.

I rewrote that title a couple times now – because I wanted it to read that as that I don’t need necessarily a better shovel, but the job done by a shovel needs improvement.

I found out for probably the 2nd early spring (it is officially the first day of spring around here at the time of writing this) that I should ensure that the job of shoveling is done much better, not just overall, but in specific areas around my house.

Early last week we found that the corner of the basement (northwest) was damp. Nothing I haven’t dealt with before if we’ve had a bit too much rain and the downspout is having issues. So luckily I still had my father-in-law’s dehumidifier and put it to work. Then I left it with a cyclone fan.

A day later it’s less damp (hrm… usually it’s more effective than this) so I leave it for another day.

It is now Thursday and our band is getting ready to go out to some bar to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day festivities. I thought – before I head out I should check on the progress of the drying. When I do that and step downstairs it is now wet. hrmm… not wet ‘still’, but wet as in ‘another leakage’.
Turns out all the snow that’s backed against side of the house (soutwest) is now all melting like crazy and it’s seeping in on that side.

I run to go get 2 more dehumidifiers a shop-vac and more fans.

This makes me miss the fun at St. Patty’s day :L

Lesson learned – snow melts – melting snow gets into the closest thing – which is usually my house – note for next year – keep snow away from house as much as possible.