Took ’em long enough, but finally Rory & Rain are married.

It was a great time, and I was proud to be able to play my part in it.  Rory has been instrumental (pun intended) for a lot of what the pipe band is today.

Too bad I screwed up the intro.  We set it all out, the only thing was timing – I couldn’t play in sync with the band all the way over on the other side.  As soon as I had the tempo going I started to march and then I realized “I can’t hear a thing” so I fumbled it a fair bit.  By the time I got to the bottom of the stairs I knew I was out… I looked to Rory and he just shook his head to say ‘no’… so I fumbled a bit more and eventually got in time.  Hopefully not many other people noticed… to me it sounded horrendous.

Other than that – it was hot… very hot.  You would think in those cases it was best to dress coolly… not so for Rory or the priest.  And then the priest didn’t let anything back in terms of the ceremony. That was one long ceremony, but full of cool appropriate rites and whatnot.

After the ceremony I piped them back up and and we all rushed into the hall for some A/C.  We mingled and talked etc… for some time, as in typical Bain fashion, it was delayed.  But we enjoyed it nonetheless.  Dean, who we thought was over-cooked from the heat, really enjoyed it as he danced and ran around.

Then at some point in the evening, the A/C stopped working.  And man was it hot.  Sticky hot.  You could either stick outside and get eaten by the bugs, or stay inside and sweat.  Oddly enough, nobody complained, we just trudged along and enjoyed the company and the speeches and the food.  Did I mention haggis?  Rory never said what ‘haggis lite’ was  tho’, but it was good.

Dean really enjoyed himself.  He really wanted to dance and jump around.  He was dancing with Anna a bit, and then after a while she tired of it, but he still wanted to… it was like that annoying non-social guy who kept asking but kept getting shut down.  Kinda felt bad for Dean, and wondered when Anna was going to slap on the restraining order.  Aah, youth.  Eventually he just played with the other kids at the party – he had a blast.  [and slept in until 9 this morning]  Even better was he got so hot, we took off his shirt, and left him in his ‘wife beater’.  People found this most histerical, the kilted kid in a wife beater who was just hitting on all the girls … he even had a pretty good shot of taking Brandy’s date home with him [you the man, cool guy]

All joking and everything else aside – it was a majestic day for Rory and Rain – and I was glad to be a part of it!

[And congrats to Mark and Allison – nobody reads these anyways, so I’m telling their secret]