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Heavy wind [95/121]


Holy smokes ,that’s some crazy wind. Should have that re-thought biking today.

Not sure of you can see the wind sock there, but it is blowing straight east, and I’m at the part where I start biking west.

After a crappy weekend where I didn’t feel well, biking probably wasn’t the best idea; now throw in the cold and heavy wind…

Freaky ride yesterday [85/104]

So, I know I’ve had one accident this past year on my bike.  But yesterday I experienced another.  No, I didn’t have an accident, but it felt like it.

I was biking a different route as I had to stop by the in-laws.  And on the way back along James [going South, on the East side] I passed another biker.  I moved onto the grass, and he moved closer to the house’s side of the pavement.

After we had passed I heard some noise (see, my headphones don’t block out sound) and I looked back and he had gone into the bushes just a bit and had fallen over.

Now I knew I didn’t do anything to cause that, he clearly did it after we had passed, and I did give him ample room.  But somebody falling is nasty, so I stopped and ran over to him.  Hey, I am first-aid certified you know.

He assured me he was fine; but it was still spooky as he was just laying there for the less than minute it took me to stop and run over.

I couldn’t tell if he was shaken or really hurt, but his demeanour was just odd.  He could have been just embarassed, or pissed off at me… and that part of me wanted to say “hey, this wasn’t my fault you know”.  But I wanted to ensure he was alright.  I offered like 5x to call an ambulance and asked if he was okay.

Just weird.

On other fronts… not much new.  Been uber stressful at work lately with newsletters and deadlines and events and shows…

Band did really well at the Miles with the Giant.  I was extremely proud of Mandy going in the 10K walk… more than I did.  The band also sounded awesome at the Scottish Rite.

The Band calendar is coming along, Jarron’s working hard to put it together and get some funky shots.  Will look amazing I bet.

Can’t think of much else… knew I had to write today, as I hadn’t all last week.  That bugs me… but it’s a sign of how busy I’ve been [tell my jaw to relax somebody, it’s giving me headaches].

Eerie sky [83/99]

Almost at the 100 mark!
I biked today, and nearly shouldn’t have. Crazy sky and looming storm prompted me to leave a little early today.
Wasn’t so bad. But the storm later will be a doozy.
Worst part about biking home was all the little bits of sand and dirt floating around, and without sunglasses makes for a difficult ride.

So this week started off cold.  Man it was cold. Not freezing, but frigid.  It was 4°C when I biked to work – and that was a bit hard on the hands.  Luckily it would warm up throughout the day and I’d be fine going home.

Let’s recount what happened this week:

Work?  Not much – busy as all can be with the Newsletters combining into one big massive headache [which culminated in me leaving early Thursday].  We announced the NOVAs.  Not much else, at least nothing that I should really say.

Home? We steam cleaned… that’s not fun.  Means having to move EVERYTHING and if you know me, I’m nothing but wires and connectivity… plus my little bit of OCD gets all in a flitter if I have to move things about.

Band? started back up this week with our Open House.  I was able to get on ShawTV and CBC Radio for an interview for it.  That was neat.  Plus the CJ came by for a photo shoot.  Things are a-movin’.

It’s been a pretty hectic week, despite how I’ve written very little.  I guess that’s a sign of the busy-ness.  I’ve even wrote less this week for the blog than I usually do [ blog that is].

Really starting to wonder how much longer I’ll be able to keep up the biking — tho’ today was amazingly warm – just gets chilly in the morning.  Plus as my schedule heats up I’ll have more out of office stuff to get to, so less opportunity to bike.  At least I got a high of 84% before the day I missed this week.

Just realized it had been a week since I last posted on here.  Figure I should post ‘cuz I like to keep track of my biking at least, and tomorrow I might not be able to [going to go and meet the new p2p and/or it’ll rain]

Had a great last after business, good food – and it’s nice to have it off the shoulders for a while.

Finished up our busier season of some gigs.  Got eaten alive at the Relay For Life.  Next year we’ll be re-evaluating how we’re going to do that gig.  Too often it feels as though they are trying to ‘fit us in’ and do us a favour by letting us play.  Well, we’ll talk next year.

Had a nice father’s day [oh and birthday].  My mom had a huge dinner for us.  Those oreo truffles were really good.  [and to top it off our favourite German chocolate fairy dropped off more chocolate – I’ll donate these to you mom]

Other than that… not much on the major horizon – which is good.  I have the Canadian Celtic Celebration this weekend I should finish working on my curriculum for it [probably way over thinking it as my handout so far is 26 pages].

I have Minocqua coming up, which should be a great treat for us.  4 parades in one day will help the coffers out a lot, meaning we won’t have to do as many.  Rory wants to go a day early to go shopping, but I just realized I said I’d play a wedding.  Hmm… go shopping, or earn some cash.  I do want that eeePad.

38/49 = 77%

So here I sit with a cold pack on my elbow… I made it 33 days without an accident… Probably a lot more, as I can’t remember the last time I crashed on my bike.
I had just gone past a spa for you and somehow I flipped.
I bet it would have been hilarious to watch. I think I used one hand to hit the brake, and it was the front wheel (lesson for next time) and some how it skidded, then turned the wheel and I remember a vaulting motion, then I was tangled up in my bike.
Nothing hurt but the ego, thankfully. Scraped off the part on the shifter where it indicated which gear you were in, but I’ll manage.
Bound to happen sooner or later right?


So, I knew, after listening to the recording the other day over at Al’s, that my recording was definitely not my best one.

However, the comments were quite the veritable ego slasher.  He didn’t really pick on the areas I knew I needed to polish up for next time [apparently in the fall], but it did fall in line with what I think Rory was asking about (a doubling on E, vs. no embellishment).  He did NOT like my ending in the Strathspey, “…some might say you didn’t finish the tune ???”  ouch.  And even commented later that about setting is what is acceptable (“or not”).

So, all adds up to a non-placing.  Oh, well.  More prep time for next time then.

On the biking front, I’m at 33 out of 43 today [provided I bike home].  76%… keeping above my 75 average … however, missing one day really can chop the % down quickly (whereas biking everyday is only a bit of a gain).

Wow, that was a sore bike ride – my calves are still throbbing.  I guess it has been a fair bit cooler… but still.  Gotta start stretching more I guess.

Only a bit of wind today, but still was like pedalling on flat tires.  Funny, I just had it tuned up the other day and it rode like butter.  Ah well.

So, to add some ‘insult’ to ‘injury’ got my 2nd result from the piping competition.  If I hadn’t mentioned it already – I got 6th place for my Hornpipe / Jig.  Which I’m okay with … I guess.  Always hard to take criticism.  But some good solid points were made on the judging sheet which really makes it worthwhile.

Today I got my piobaireachd results.  It doesn’t list a ‘placing’.  But in another spot says I played “appropriately” for my grade level.  Fooled them.  I didn’t expect anything in this competition as really… it’d been 12 years since I last competed with a piobaireachd… and don’t tell nobody – but I cheated on the memorization.  And I only did a couple run throughs before recording.  Okay, now it sounds like I’m making excuses.  In actuality I enjoyed learning and playing – just I need to do so with more appropriate prep work in the future.  Again, the comments were really good [they didn’t notice my error in playing some wrong notes], and that’s what I appreciate the most.

Yay, I avoided the apparent storm we were possibly going to get.  And it was a great bike home – not only did I find it a nice easy ride (was able to climb to the top of the gears), but I now fit the new riding underwear I bought.  I bought ones that were at one point uncomfortably tight (couldn’t read the size when I bought them), but I put them on today and they were just fine.  Maybe this is working!  29/38 = 76%

Anyways – we’ve started our busy season for the pipe band.  We had 2 parades this past week (Westgate and then Hammarskjold graduations).  I was pleasantly surprised by how well we played.  Okay, not ‘surprised’, but we really didn’t have any issues (besides tardiness… and the fact that I forgot both belts on the first day => punch myself in the throat).   But on the 2nd day we sounded even better.  Pleased to no end.

Definitely my reed needs to be changed, gotta step up the ‘transfer’ process.  Few more gigs to do, so I’ll get through those first before switching.

We have the Shelter House Relay tomorrow morning, and then there’s the Library’s ribbon cutting, another grad, Relay For Life, then several out of town parades.  Gonna get some good TLC time with my pipes – which I’m loving after playing them so much for that competition (which I’ll hopefully have the results for by Monday).

Wow, crazy wind [28/35]

Yay, a  landmark – crossed the 80% mark!!

Yoiks, debated about driving today as I had that workshop on how to use SmartBoards.  [Had I known how little that would have been worth it, I wouldn’t have gone; but good to see fellow piper Kathleen there]

Anyways, it was semi-raining in the morning and I dreaded going – but I went.  Gotta keep up the ratio.  And it wasn’t bad at all.  Not that cold, most of the rain was finished, so just some puddles to clear.

But, by the time I went to the workshop it was just GREAT.  Nice biking weather.  Just took it nice and leisurely and still got there with plenty of time to spare.

When I got out, however, that’s a whole other ball game.  VERY strong SW wind.  Which sucks when essentially I have to go SOUTH, then WEST.  It was unbelievably strong.  You know all that rain we had this morning?  Couldn’t tell because the wind kept sweeping all the dirt and stuff into my eyes and mouth.  I had to keep it in very low gear to be able to make any headway.

Luckily it was only roughly half the distance to home, but it took me almost 2x as long.  I have never been that sweaty.

Weird part was that while biking I saw a firetruck.  Didn’t think much of it.  Driving home with Dean later and it looked like the fire was at the Lakehead Board… then when we got to the house we saw a water bomber fly over head – and it was pretty low.  So we went a bit beyond our house to see what we could see… 4 blocks up and we couldn’t see nearly anything for the smoke.

Turns out that a chip pile at Bowater had caught flame.  Crazy.

Well, all in all – an interesting day.  Missed getting wet in the morning – pretty productive during the day – nice bike to a workshop – didn’t have to work at a workshop (nor learn really) – sweaty hard bike ride – crazy smoke – and to top it all off Dean is getting some stomach bug and threw up all over me.  [still can’t get the smell out of my nostrils]

this is my life

pretty awesome!

[oh and sitting here just watching my youtube page waiting to see if the unlisted videos I posted for the competition get another view (meaning somebody’s watched it to adjudicate)].