books i’ve read.. or want to read

The Dracula Tape (Dracula Series 01)

Author: Fred Saberhagen

ISBN: 0812523830

1st book in the Dracula series … really neat to see how Dracula himself would have put the accounting of the book. Not a bad read.
The Holmes-Dracula File

Author: Fred Saberhagen

ISBN: 0812523849

Sherlock Holmes meets Dracula… 6 years after he comes to London and is ‘chased out’, he decides to revisit and Holmes crosses his path. Lame kinda ending, but what’d you expect.
An Old Friend of the Family

Author: Fred Saberhagen

ISBN: 0765314983

Jump forward after the Holmes tale and see the descendants of Mina pick up the adventures. This sets the theme for the rest of the series. Joe becomes a key player and helps Vlad come to the assistance of the family of Mina.

Author: Fred Saberhagen

ISBN: 0812503163

This one was neat as it helped fill in what happened to Vlad before he was turned, as well as gives you a glimpse of what a vampire might do in his ‘off time’. I liked it.

Author: Fred Saberhagen

ISBN: 0812523865

the 5th book in the Dracula series. not as neat as it brings in way more than just vampires into this realm… which was lost on me as it seemed to just ‘plug in’ some other supernatural without really explaining them…
A Matter of Taste

Author: Fred Saberhagen

ISBN: 0812525752

Kind of neat as in it uses a back story for Vlad, but fails to be anything more than just a Die Hard style book of vamp-vs.-vamp.
A Question of Time

Author: Fred Saberhagen

ISBN: 0812525779

This one was totally out of left field, and I think didn’t really need to belong in a Dracula series as there was hardly any Vlad in it at all. Sure there was another vamp, but really nothing vamp about him other than he was overpowering. Just weird.
A Seance for a Vampire

Author: Fred Saberhagen

ISBN: 0812533488

This got back to the style of book I liked in the early series. Holmes comes back into it and they have to solve a mystery that involves another vamp. Again, as is typical, alot of ‘take it for granted’ non-explanations, but still a good read.
A Sharpness on the Neck

Author: Fred Saberhagen

ISBN: 0812550056

Now this one interested me, and could definitely have been explored more, as it deals with a Vlad backstory; his brother Radu. As I used to love to read about the true Dracula and the history, this was good. The ‘current adventure’ wasn’t as exciting.
A Coldness in the Blood

Author: Fred Saberhagen

ISBN: 0765300451

ooh, didn’t know there was a 10th… can’t wait to find it to read.
The Genie in the Bottle: 67 All-New Commentaries on the Fascinating Chemistry of Everyday Life

Author: Joe Schwarcz

ISBN: 0805071385

How can you just not devour this book?
Radar, Hula Hoops, and Playful Pigs: 67 Digestible Commentaries on the Fascinating Chemistry of Everyday Life

Author: Joe Schwarcz

ISBN: 0805074074

More of the good stuff from Dr. Joe
That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles: 62 All-New Commentaries on the Fascinating Chemistry of Everyday Life

Author: Joe Schwarcz

ISBN: 1550225200

My FAVOURITE author. Really, he is MY hero in terms of a science author. He has such a flair for the funny, and VAST amounts of knowledge. I love how he debunks old wolrd mythology of science and quackery. Definitely a good read… any of his books!
Dr. Joe and What You Didn’t Know: 177 Fascinating Questions About the Chemistry of Everyday Life

Author: Joe Schwarcz

ISBN: 1550225774

Again… just excellent chemistry readings!
Let Them Eat Flax: 70 All-New Commentaries on the Science of Everyday Food & Life

Author: Joe Schwarcz

ISBN: 1550226983

MMm… who doesn’t love flax. I love how he totally debunks those people who THINK they know stuff.
The Fly in the Ointment: 70 Fascinating Commentaries on the Science of Everyday Life

Author: Joe Schwarcz

ISBN: 1550226215

If you’re a chemistry major, or even just a plain ol’ Science major, you should read these books. I steal articles from them all the time for my science class.

Author: Frank Herbert

ISBN: 0441172717

First book in the series. I had seen this movie at work (one of our demo movies) a thousand times, so I thought I should read what this horrible movie is about. (it never explains anything). The book was ok, not that great, but definitely better.
Dune Messiah

Author: Frank Herbert

ISBN: 0441172695

2nd book. So this book got me into the series. The first I wasn’t so pleased with, but this one got me hooked. I notice a trait with most of this type… the hero always is maimed in some way.
Children of Dune

Author: Frank Herbert

ISBN: 0441104029

3rd book. The chronicling of Muad’dib’s kids. Very interesting I thought to see what their powers were and how they would develop. The sandworm fusing with Leto was a little… weird (they didn’t really explain it all that well).
God Emperor of Dune

Author: Frank Herbert

ISBN: 0441294677

4th book. We see what has happened to the galaxy with Leto II ruling as emperor. What is the Golden Path, and what has it led to. What I liked was how it got away from the Atreides line and focussed a little more on the rest of the galaxy (mainly Duncan
Heretics of Dune

Author: Frank Herbert

ISBN: 0441328008

5th book. Focussing on the Bene Gesserit, this was a fairly interesting read as they look for a new Rakis. A little perturbing with the focus on sex, but it was still an interesting read.
Chapterhouse Dune

Author: Frank Herbert

ISBN: 0441102670

6th book. Too bad he died, this had an interesting ending that SCREAMS of a sequel waiting. I should get my hands on Brian’s sequel (taken from his father’s notes). But very good. There were a few weird happenings that aren’t really explained well.

Author: George Orwell

ISBN: 0451516753

One of those classic movies you have to go and read. And I did, and maybe parts of the book I didn’t agree with (a little too harsh, and a poor ending, IMHO). But the ‘idea’ of it intrigued me to no end. Especially the idea of newspeak.
A Canticle for Leibowitz

Author: Walter Miller

ISBN: 0060892994

I was made to read this book in like grade 10… but it was very cool. These books where you see the effects of time really clicked with me. Very neat. A nice little chide towards the church and the crazy way little things can be interpreted.
Deception Point

Author: Dan Brown

ISBN: 0671027387

This was also an interesting read from Dan Brown… better than The Davinci Code I thought. A little far fetched at points, but c’mon, it’s fiction.
Digital Fortress : The Ultimate Code. It’s Powerful, Dangerous-and Unbreakable..

Author: Dan Brown

ISBN: 0312995423

Not a bad book by him as well… I read it to finish out his ‘series.’ Just very predictable read if you’ve read any of his others.
Angles & Demons

Author: Dan Brown

ISBN: 1416524797

I think if anybody’s going to start to read any of his books, you should start with this one. It’s really his best of them all.
The Davinci Code

Author: Dan Brown

ISBN: 1400079179

Yup… I fell in line with the rest of the populous to read the latest fad. But it was a not bad read. A little too much fact than fiction. But then again, i think the story could have held on it’s own without all the neat facts he spews.
Do Fish Drink Water

Author: Bill McLain

ISBN: 0688179088

Haven’t read it yet, but it looked like definitely the stuff I’d read!
The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Omnibus

Author: Douglas Adams

ISBN: 0434003484

This I used to listen to on the comedy hour on the radio, so I had to find the book. Opened me up to reading again. Really hilarious style of writing in sci-fi. The world misses people like Douglas Adams.
Restaurant at the End of the Universe: Commemorative Edition

Author: Douglas Adams

ISBN: 0330262130

the 2nd book in the HHGTG
Life, the Universe and Everything

Add author

ISBN: 1590072650

book 3 in the HHGTG series
So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish

Author: Douglas Adams

ISBN: 0671745530

the penultime book in the HHGTG series
Mostly Harmless: Complete & Unabridged

Author: Douglas Adams

ISBN: 185695837X

the HHGTG finale.Really cool… I mean Arthur as a “Sandwich guru.”
Dracula (the annotated version)

Author: Bram Stoker

ISBN: 0517520176

The first time I ever read a ‘real’ book, it was this version of Dracula (annotated by Leonard Wolf… i think). And I read this book like at least 8 times before I finished grade 8. I think besdies liking the vampire, I liked the anotations by the edito
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream

Author: Hunter S. Thompson

ISBN: 0679724192

LOVED the movie, so I had to read the book… WOW! Great read… Chris warned me about this “gonzo” style… and man I loved it.

Author: Mary Shelley

ISBN: 0486282112

An amazing book that really strikes home for anybody who’s a scientist and has the struggling debate of religion vs. science. It was neat to find out that the ‘monster’s name was not Frankenstein, but Adam. Frankenstein was the scientist!
Lord of the Rings (3 Volume Boxed Set)

Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

ISBN: 0261102389

This isn`t the book set that I own, but close to it. A truly amazing saga. Tolkien truly had a gift for being able to write and not only describe the scene, but the history of it as well.
Mysterious Island

Author: Jules Verne

ISBN: 0451529413

I had liked some of Jules’ other work so I thought I’d give it a shot… and I reallly liked it. That survival throw know-how are always cool for me.
Of Mice and Men

Author: John Steinbeck

ISBN: 0142000671

I remember watching this movie as a kid, and being awed by it… I had always seen the last half of it. Then I read the book and got the first half.. What a great book. Definitely a must-read.
The Count of Monte Cristo, V1

Author: Pere Alexander Dumas

ISBN: 1404346872

Such an exellent read. It was LOOONG… and very involved in each of the little mini plots, but talk about revenge. I can see everybody loving this book.
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Author: Mark Haddon

ISBN: 0385659806

Great book. Really gives a fairly good insight into the mind of autism.
The Dark Tower Book 1: The Gunslinger

Author: Stephen King

ISBN: 0670032549

This was a slow read… but it was recommended as a good series, so I thought I’d give it a shot. In the end it got really good, and the rest of the series you just couldn’t put down. I couldn’t finish the book fast enough it seemed.
The Dark Tower Book 2: The Drawing of the Three

Author: Stephen King

ISBN: 0670032557

Roland, after losing Jake, Roland comes to the beach and gains himself new allies from the doors. “And as always, there was a door.”
The Dark Tower Book 3: The Waste Lands

Author: Stephen King

ISBN: 0670032565

Roland, Eddie and Susannah make their way along the path of the beam to find themselves meeting up with Jake again.
The Dark Tower Book 4: Wizard and Glass

Author: Stephen King

ISBN: 0670032573

A neat little back story on who Roland is, and how he came to be.
The Dark Tower Book 5: Wolves of the Calla

Author: Stephen King

ISBN: 0743251628

Probably my favourite book of the series. The Gunslinger and his trio teach a town to stand up to the Wolves that take their children. In the important side of the story, they are able to find a door to return to the past and secure the vacant lot.
The Dark Tower Book 6: Song for Susannah

Author: Stephen King

ISBN: 1416521496

Susannah is taken from the group so that Mia can get the baby that was promised her. Jake and the Priest follow after her,while Roland and Eddie pursue the writer.
The Dark Tower Book 7: The Dark Tower

Author: Stephen King

ISBN: 1416524525

The long awaited finale of the series. Roland and Susannah go after the Crimson King. We see the totality of how lonely the life of a Gunslinger is.
The Quirks & Quarks Question Book: 101 Answers to Listeners’ Questions

Author: Cbc

ISBN: 0771054483

I used to love listening to this radio station. And now they have it… in book form.
The Velocity of Honey: And More Science of Everyday Life

Author: Jay Ingram

ISBN: 1560256540

Another book by Jay. Answers questions like “does a piece of toast always land butter side down” or “why do curling rocks curl?”
Science Of Everyday Life

Author: Jay Ingram

ISBN: 0143056638

From one of my favourite tv scientists Jay Ingram. I found this book WAAAY in the back of an old book store in Washburn. Very good find. Answered my favourite question “do you get wetter if you run in the rain?”
The Wheel of Time Book 1: The Eye of the World

Author: Robert Jordan

ISBN: 0812511816

Cool start to a neat series on a fantasy universe. It almost can rival Tolkien.
The Wheel of Time Book 2: The Great Hunt

Author: Robert Jordan

ISBN: 0812517725

Rand struggles with the idea that he may be het Dragon Reborn, or at the least a man who can channel.
The Wheel of Time Book 3: The Dragon Reborn

Author: Robert Jordan

ISBN: 0812513711

Rand takes Callandor and proves to the world, for the most part, that he is the Dragon Reborn. But what does that mean? It was only 1 prophecy.
The Wheel of Time Book 4: The Shadow Rising

Author: Robert Jordan

ISBN: 0812513738

Just getting back to re-reading this book now. Rand goes to Rhuidean to see if he is the Aiel’s Car’a’Carn. Perrin (my fav charcter) returns ot Emonds Field to help protect it from a siege of Trollocs.
The Wheel of Time Book 5: The Fires of Heaven

Author: Robert Jordan

ISBN: 0812550307

So, mostly this book was about Rand bringing his Aiel over the Dragonwall and going after the Shaido and saving Cairhienin. We get to see Mat develop his new talent. Alot of Elayne and Nynaeve (which I never really liked as a whole side story).
The Wheel of Time Book 6: Lord of Chaos

Author: Robert Jordan

ISBN: 0812513754

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The Wheel of Time Book 7: A Crown of Swords

Author: Robert Jordan

ISBN: 0812550285

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The Wheel of Time Book 8: The Path of Daggers

Author: Robert Jordan

ISBN: 0312857691

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The Wheel of Time Book 9: Winter’s Heart

Author: Robert Jordan

ISBN: 081257558X

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The Wheel of Time Book 10: Crossroads of Twilight

Author: Robert Jordan

ISBN: 0312864590

Add description
The Wheel of Time Book 11: Knife of Dreams

Author: Robert Jordan

ISBN: 0812577566

Finally read it… just waiting for the 12th book… it’s definitely a sensing of closure, but still alot to overcome.
Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?: More Questions You’d Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Whiskey Sour

Author: Mark Leyner & Billy Goldberg

ISBN: 0307345971

2nd book of the “Why Do Men Have Nipples” people. Haven’t got to it yet, but it sounds good!
Why Do Men Have Nipples? Hundreds of Questions You’d Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Martini

Author: Mark Leyner & Billy Goldberg

ISBN: 1400082315

Cool little ‘insights’ book into weird things you’d wnat to know about your body. I love these kinds of books. Like little trivia stuff, but with some good explanations
On a Pale Horse

Author: Piers Anthony

ISBN: 0345338588

1st book in the “incarnations” series. Really cool. I mean, you kill death, then you become death? Very much like the show “Dead Like Me” that I liked it.
Bearing An Hourglass

Author: Piers Anthony

ISBN: 0345313151

2nd book of the Incarnations series. Definitely not as great as the 1st. I mean the 1st was amazing comparitively, but at this point alot of the setup is taken out and all that is happening is replacing the main character and plopping in another incarna
With a Tangled Skein

Author: Piers Anthony

ISBN: 0345318854

this one started out with alot of potential, as in “how do you govern fate”… however it failed to do so, and petered out with alot of the ‘side-story/fantasy’ he writes in with… setup the framework of who Mars is, and made me look forward to the next
Wielding a Red Sword

Author: Piers Anthony

ISBN: 0345322215

Looked really cool… and had a nice start as the beginning story was interesting, especially as it intertwines more with the others… but, like the others, some piddly little ‘adventure’ really ends up boring me before the end… the end wasn’t too bad
Being a Green Mother

Author: Piers Anthony

ISBN: 0345322231

Book #5 of the incarnations
For Love of Evil: Book Six of Incarnations of Immortality

Author: Piers Anthony

ISBN: 0380752859

almost finished the series… book #6 of Incarnations of Immortality
And Eternity

Author: Piers Anthony

ISBN: 0380752867

the final book for Incarnations