So chalk this up in the book of awesome.

We’ve had our Shaw PVR since they first came out.  It’s revolutionized the way I watch TV (what little of it I still watch these days).  I wouldn’t go back to regular watching.  So it was disheartening when it started to act up.  Urgh… I remembered that it was out of warranty as when I went into get a replacement remote one day they said that I’d be still just under the warranty and better get it replaced soon.

Then I remembered the big fight I had back when … I won’t get into it, essentially it was that I was told I could ‘trade up’ down the road, and when I wanted to, they said no.

So, I was distraught… what to do?  Buy a new one?  They were expensive?  Go without a PVR?  I’d rather go without cable…

Mandy kept saying it’s under a ‘new warranty’ as we got the Shaw phone, but that sounded kinda ludicrous.

Anyhow, one day we received a notice that we should upgrade our old terminal (we got it for free from Greg when he upgraded).  The letter said bring your old in and we’ll give you a new one.  Bonus!  So one new terminal for free!  While there, Mandy inquired about the problems with the downstairs PVR.  They made an appointment and when the time came, the tech came in and looked at it… scratched his head and just went and got us a new one.  And it’s a MOTOROLA again too.

So 2 new terminals now.  Yay.