So, I knew, after listening to the recording the other day over at Al’s, that my recording was definitely not my best one.

However, the comments were quite the veritable ego slasher.  He didn’t really pick on the areas I knew I needed to polish up for next time [apparently in the fall], but it did fall in line with what I think Rory was asking about (a doubling on E, vs. no embellishment).  He did NOT like my ending in the Strathspey, “…some might say you didn’t finish the tune ???”  ouch.  And even commented later that about setting is what is acceptable (“or not”).

So, all adds up to a non-placing.  Oh, well.  More prep time for next time then.

On the biking front, I’m at 33 out of 43 today [provided I bike home].  76%… keeping above my 75 average … however, missing one day really can chop the % down quickly (whereas biking everyday is only a bit of a gain).