Wow, that was a sore bike ride – my calves are still throbbing.  I guess it has been a fair bit cooler… but still.  Gotta start stretching more I guess.

Only a bit of wind today, but still was like pedalling on flat tires.  Funny, I just had it tuned up the other day and it rode like butter.  Ah well.

So, to add some ‘insult’ to ‘injury’ got my 2nd result from the piping competition.  If I hadn’t mentioned it already – I got 6th place for my Hornpipe / Jig.  Which I’m okay with … I guess.  Always hard to take criticism.  But some good solid points were made on the judging sheet which really makes it worthwhile.

Today I got my piobaireachd results.  It doesn’t list a ‘placing’.  But in another spot says I played “appropriately” for my grade level.  Fooled them.  I didn’t expect anything in this competition as really… it’d been 12 years since I last competed with a piobaireachd… and don’t tell nobody – but I cheated on the memorization.  And I only did a couple run throughs before recording.  Okay, now it sounds like I’m making excuses.  In actuality I enjoyed learning and playing – just I need to do so with more appropriate prep work in the future.  Again, the comments were really good [they didn’t notice my error in playing some wrong notes], and that’s what I appreciate the most.