Well, not perfect like “absolute everything that could have gone well for me, went well”, but more like a “hey that was a perfect 300 game”.  Hmm… even that seems too over the top.

Okay, it was a good week.  Perfect in the sense that I biked EVERY day this week.

It was a little tiring – evident by my oversleeping today, but I did it.  And I’ll continue to keep at this.  I haven’t put gas in the car at all this week, and we’ll see how long that lasts.  As Mandy said, the bike will pay for itself in the long run.  At $1.399 / L, it shouldn’t take too long.  It’s over $65 to fill my tank these days.

So, 5 out of 5 for this week, and that makes it 15 out of 20 since I started.  I don’t see anything that prevents me next week, weather permitting.

The weather almost stopped me the other day (my weather app showed snow!), but I persevered.  I got a little wet on the way home tho’.  Which reminds me I should go find some chain grease.  Today was wet this morning, but not raining, just puddles from the night’s rain.

It’s funny how the ‘little’ things get me through the bike.  (I’m sounding like it’s some ordeal… there’s my sis-in-law training for a 20km race and I’m complaining about a 15min bike ride).  Like finally mapping it on google maps, so I know each of the length, and what’s essential for me is where the ‘midpoint’ of it is.  For some reason knowing that really makes it easier.  “Almost half way there”, “now halfway through the last half”, etc…  those little markers makes it easy for me to mark the passage.  Like when I drive long distance, all I do to pass the time is to try to ‘measure’.

Another thing I found very handy is varying the route (essentially it’s 2 straight stretches, with one little L extra in it), but I will ‘staircase’ a little now and again; what I was looking for were houses that happened to have flags on the property.  Funny, not many people have flags anymore.  By the tracks there are 2 wind-socks, and they’re handy, but they’re pretty spaced out.  Knowing the wind direction is quite handy – at least it makes me feel better if I’m really huffing away and then I see the flag point right in my direction I’ll know why.  Unbelievable how a little wind really impacts me on a bike.  Guess I gotta lose a few more pounds so my ‘surface area’ is decreased.