I rewrote that title a couple times now – because I wanted it to read that as that I don’t need necessarily a better shovel, but the job done by a shovel needs improvement.

I found out for probably the 2nd early spring (it is officially the first day of spring around here at the time of writing this) that I should ensure that the job of shoveling is done much better, not just overall, but in specific areas around my house.

Early last week we found that the corner of the basement (northwest) was damp. Nothing I haven’t dealt with before if we’ve had a bit too much rain and the downspout is having issues. So luckily I still had my father-in-law’s dehumidifier and put it to work. Then I left it with a cyclone fan.

A day later it’s less damp (hrm… usually it’s more effective than this) so I leave it for another day.

It is now Thursday and our band is getting ready to go out to some bar to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day festivities. I thought – before I head out I should check on the progress of the drying. When I do that and step downstairs it is now wet. hrmm… not wet ‘still’, but wet as in ‘another leakage’.
Turns out all the snow that’s backed against side of the house (soutwest) is now all melting like crazy and it’s seeping in on that side.

I run to go get 2 more dehumidifiers a shop-vac and more fans.

This makes me miss the fun at St. Patty’s day :L

Lesson learned – snow melts – melting snow gets into the closest thing – which is usually my house – note for next year – keep snow away from house as much as possible.